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Beverly Snell
Office: SUB
Phone: (406) 638-3141

Financial Aid Assistant

Kimmy Walks
Office: SUB
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Financial Aid

Students and parent(s) pursuing financial aid should first apply for a pin number at This pin number will be used throughout a student's college career; once a student receives this pin# it should not be shared with anyone.

To determine eligibility for all financial aid programs and scholarships available at LBHC, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually, available at, and list Little Big Horn College as a school choice on the FAFSA form step six. The LBHC school code is 016135.

There are two types of financial assistance available to students at Little Big Horn College:

What does it cost to attend Little Big Horn College?

Need an estimate? Click here to access our Net Price Calculator!

This is an important question for all students to consider. Below is an example of an estimated cost of attendance budget. Cost of attendance budget allows students to better understand the cost to attend Little Big Horn College. This is an estimate as actual costs depend on individual needs and resources. Little Big Horn College recognizes two categories of students in relation to financial aid, the dependent and independent student. The dependent student is a student living at home with parent(s) or adopted parents. The independent student is a self supporting student maintaining a household.

Sample Student Expense Budget
Per SemesterAnnual
BLDG/TECH FEE:$90.00$180.00
ACTIVITY FEE:$25.00$50.00
LAB FEE:$20.00$40.00
LIBRARY FEE:$15.00$30.00
. . . . .
. . . . .
CROW AGENCY $3,780.00
LODGE GRASS $5,528.00
WYOLA $3,780.00
HARDIN $3,780.00
DUNMORE $3,780.00
ST. XAVIER $3,780.00
BUSBY $5,528.00
FORT SMITH $12,015.00
BILLINGS $12,015.00
PRYOR $12,015.00
. . . . .
Dependent $6,435.00
Independent Single $6,435.00
Married Head of Household $6,435.00
Single Head of Household $6,435.00
Married with Dependents $6,435.00
. . . . .

Students who register above 18 credits will be assessed an additional charge of $75 per credit.

Using the above budget, the expense of one year of college for a student from Crow Agency taking 15 credits, who is a married head of household with one child, would equal $17,455. All students must meet the General Eligibility Requirements to recieve financial aid.

*Little Big Horn College reserves the right to change the above at any time.