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Give to LBHC!

Little Big Horn College has financial needs in three major areas: Campus Expansion, Scholarships and Transportation.

Currently LBHC has limited funding for Scholarships, Transportation, and Campus Expansion but there is always an unmet need in these areas. Thank you for considering Little Big Horn College in your quest to offer your generosity. If you wish to donate to any of these needs contact us now!


In 2002-2003 two new campus buildings were constructed. The Driftwood Lodges building houses lecture rooms, science labs, computer labs and office space. The Cultural Center is host to lectures on Crow culture, public inforamation sessions, class lecture & instruction, conferences, and general meetings and is also a gallery for historic photos and pieces of art from the community and surrounding areas.

Phase 2 of the campus construction began in spring 2007 with the construction of the Library/Archives and Administration facilities which were completed in the summer of 2008. The Administration building is home to the business office, the Human Resources Department, the Dean of Administration, and the President of Little Big Horn College. The new Library/Archives building has the opportunity to expand its already priceless collection of literature and history. The new facility also provides the capacity to host meetings, conferences, workshops, and informative lectures on Crow Culture to the surrounding community.

Phase 3 of new construction are ongoing. Recently, the Student Union Building (which used to house classrooms, computer labs, and science labs, and the old library) was remodled to add more office space, a book store, a cafeteria, and a daycare center. This work was complete by spring of 2010. On November 4, 2011, the LBHC Health and Wellness Center was completed. This new facility contains a gymnasium, cardio room, weight room, aerobic room, locker rooms, and two saunas.

Plans for a Athletic Complex, Dorms, Married/Student Housing, and a College of Technology are currently in the works as funds and resources are limited. Your contribution to this area of need will be a great benefit to a dream that will soon become a reality in the near future.


Little Big Horn College recieves grants from tribal and outside sources to provide sholarships to its Native American and non-tribal students. However, LBHC can't provide funding to every qualifided and academically sound student on campus. LBHC is an institution that provides higher learning to many "first generation" college students. With your help, we can continue to provide a doorway to a bigger and brighter future.


Currently, Little Big Horn College offers its students transportation to and from campus by way of busses from Pryor, Lodge Grass, Hardin, and Billings, MT. This is made possible from grant funds the college has recieved in recent years, but there is no gaurantee that this opportunity will be availiable in the future. With your support, transportation for these students can continue throughout the upcoming years.