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USDA Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grant (TCEG)

Little Big Horn College offers two programs of study leading to Associate of Science degrees in agriculture: Rangeland Ecology & Management and Livestock Management & Industries. These programs are designed for students who wish to manage their own resources, who intend to earn a bachelor's degree or who wish to work within land management agencies, land resource consulting or production agriculture.

The LBHC Agriculture Program is supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Tribal Colleges Education Equity Grant (TCEG) Program. The USDA/TCEG Program provides funding to enhance educational opportunities for Native Americans by strengthening instructional programs in the food and agriculture sciences.

With TCEG funding, LBHC is able to offer scholarship and internship opportunities, as well as salaries and wages for adjunct faculty and guest lecturers.

AG 233 Livestock Management

"Outdoor classroom" with guest presenter on Natural Horsemanship, LBHC campus, October 2011

Further, the Equity grant supports the agriculture degree program by providing funds for hands-on learning opportunities and student field trips.

AG 230 Range Livestock Production

visiting the Northern Arapaho Ranch, April 2011
NRCS Cottonwood Restoration Project

LBHC students, Plenty Coups State Park, April 2011

The LBHC Equity program seeks to improve the curriculum by developing courses which are tailored to the needs of the Crow community. Currently, in collaboration with the Native American Liaison at MSU Bozeman, instruction materials are being developed for a course in "Basic Crow Land Literacy." The goal of this course is to help young Crow landowners to be familiar with their land, understand their options for deciding how to make use of it, and to plan for its future.

The Equity program also funds the Greenhouse/Teaching Garden Project on the LBHC campus. It provides salaries for staff, funds for gardening equipment, tools, seeds and plants, and it offers an internship opportunity for experiential learning and community advancement.

starting plants from seed (2009) providing community outreach (2011)

The Crow people have always maintained a close relationship with their land, its animals and plants. As a result, a deep understanding about the interconnectedness of all life is part of Crow tradition. The Equity program aims to improve the overall quality of AG instruction by incorporating Crow traditional scholarship and by offering presentations by Tribal Elders, who wish to share their knowledge.

Interested community members are invited to join in regular scheduled advisory meetings in order to help shape the further development of the agriculture program at Little Big Horn College.