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Green House Project

LBHC Green House promotes and assists in creating, preparation, and maintaining a successful garden for schools, local communities, and families by answering questions, sharing knowledge, and using our garden as a demonstration. Tours and speaking engagements are available upon request. The Green House also helps by growing plants (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, watermelons, cucumbers, etc.) and making it affordable for community members to access these plants for their gardens. This makes it possible for families, schools, or daycares to have access to healthy, fresh, local, delicious, sustainably harvested vegetables and fruit without spending money in the grocery store. We also want to incorporate traditional foods, medicines, and plants used for ceremonial purposes in our project. One of our goals is be able to provide assistance with traditional techniques in growing these plants, and provide the knowledge of the cultural significance of these plants.

Green House Project's Vision

This project can help not only economically, but can help improve the health of our population, while educating Indians and non-Indians alike about our culture and philosophy.